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Home on the Hamakua – How to Create Your Best Hawaiʻi Life

Have you wondered what it’s really like to pack your bags, close the door behind you and actually step into a new life on the Big Island of Hawaii? Is the swell of the ocean, gentle trade winds, tropical paradise, and a simpler existence calling your name? Maybe NOW is the time to move your dreams into reality! You CAN make the decision. But sometimes the decision is made for you…

Home on the Hamakua is my story, our story, of leaving life as we knew it in the pristine Southern California mountains of Big Bear and trading it for a new way of off-grid living on the most remote land mass in the world! Was it easy? Nope. Was it worth it? Yep. Did our friends and family think we were crazy? Sometimes!

Snapshots of the Big Island

WHEN CONSIDERING MOVING TO THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII... One must understand the differences between the nine districts, the eight to ten climate zones (depending on which resource you subscribe to), the nine lava zones, the four land designations, the cultural nuances,...

Why is Life So Sweet on the Hamakua Coast?

There is so much to love about living on the Hamakua Coast. Rich Hawaiian history and culture, cooler temperatures, cattle and horses on a thousand grass-covered hills, tiny towns, expansive ocean views, farmer’s markets, rodeos and parades, Waipiʻo Valley, unique...

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What’s Up With The Market?

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You Gotta Love a Yurt!

Every once in a while I discover a MLS listing that really grabs my heart. It happened again last week! Two yurts and...

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