Decorating for the Changing of the Seasons

by | Oct 28, 2020

It might seem like an oxymoron to think or even talk about changing the décor of a room to reflect the changing of a season in Hawaii. But this decorator just couldn’t stand it any longer! Just because the seasonal changes are so minor that one might totally miss it, ie: little if any fall colors or dropping of the leaves, snow only on the slopes of Mauna Kea, a little more rain and a little less sun across the island…well, you get my drift, right? After living five years in our wonderful home in Paauilo, I took a look at my master bedroom and decided that a change was in order, at least for the coming fall/winter season. My creative juices began to flow…

My Switcheroo: Changing my bedroom from spring/summer to fall/winter!

Our home was built almost 30 years ago by a single guy and a combination of amazing craftsmen, one of which was Dave Anderson, a master at creating gorgeous koa accessories to include hair brushes and custom ball caps with koa visors. If you frequent the Waimea Pukalani Stables Farmer’s Market you have most likely seen his beautiful creations. Anyway, the single wall construction of our home is a combination of cedar, ohia posts and windows/sliding doors. Drywall didn’t grace the main home until we added our cantilevered master en-suite three years after we moved in. But, that is a blog for another time…

Once I finished decorating each room, I just left them like that. But years later, these rooms were begging to be freshened up, switched around, something please! I decided to start with the master bedroom and half bathroom which can be loosely referred to as an en-suite…I repeat – Loosely Referred To! Why did I choose these rooms? Because, in my home, they seemed like the easiest rooms to tackle. Moving the furniture in our master bedroom wasn’t an option due to the unusual octagon shape and position of the windows and doors. So, I focused on the accessories.

I absolutely love aquamarine. My original color palette was a combination of aqua, black and brown, with a backdrop of creamy white. (Hubby doesn’t do well with white so I had to go easy!) To do the switcheroo from this color palette, which worked great for the spring/summer months, to something that would usher in the fall/winter months, I chose red as the key accent color, removing the aquamarine.

To start, I switched out the large bird painting above our bed with an inviting winter scene, rolled up the huge area rug and replaced it with a contemporary style in red, black and white, and added some fall pillows on our bed and chair. I also packed away the aqua lap blanket and added a thick red replacement that hug over the chair. For the tiny en-suite, I packed away everything with aqua, and brought in décor that included dark green foliage sprinkled with glitter, my miniature Christmas books, a color coordinated hand towel, framed art and other accessories that spoke of cooler weather and the coming Christmas Season. Voila, the whole look of our bedroom and bathroom morphed into a warm and cozy winter wonderland, and for a financial investment I could live with! Then, as Christmas approached, I added a sweet table top tree with decorations, a Santa with the same black and white buffalo check fabric on his jacket, switched to my Christmas bed and chair pillows, and hung a tiny Christmas wreath on the fabric Zebra head that hangs in the bathroom. My heart was warmed!

So, if you start to feel the hoo hums when looking at your rooms day after day, week after week, month after month, and just maybe year after year, maybe it’s time to do your own switcheroo! Investing a little bit of time and money is worth the joy you are sure to feel!

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