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by | Jul 11, 2020

I experienced the joy of pet partnership when I was very young. My parents surprised me with an adorable calico colored kitten we promptly named Calli. (Pretty creative, right?) A few years later Calli produced her first litter of kittens, one of which was an orange tabby. My sister grabbed him calling him Pooh. From that point on I have always had a feline to love and care for.

Folly, a 26-year old mare arrived, tack included, and I began my life-long equestrian journey.

When I was eight, we moved to the rural town of Yorba Linda, CA. My mom had owned a horse when she was young, and I constantly pestered my parents to do the same for me. Their deal was for me to earn at least $50.00 and then they would match it to purchase my first horse. After trying the good old lemonade stand to raise money, and the tears that came from not raising anywhere near what I needed to fulfill my dream, my mom taught me how to bake cookies. All summer long I baked, packaged, and peddled my bike throughout our gently rolling hills selling chocolate chip, oatmeal and pecan Crispies to every neighbor who opened their door, finally raising the required $50.00. The next thing I knew, Folly, a 26-year old mare arrived, tack included, and I began my life-long equestrian journey. We soon add one Nubian goat named Flicker, and two Basset Hounds. My brother, sister and I were in pet heaven!

A horse in hawaiʻi

When we moved to Hawaii we brought Smoke, my 29-year old Palomino Appaloosa, and Gerdie, our mid-age Nubian goat. It was painful to give our other two Nubians to our electrician, but we just couldn’t swing the cost to fly everyone!

Almost as soon as we landed, and got to our temporary home in Hakalau, our friends, John and Karen Fitzgerald gave us a 3-week old baby goat they had found in a nearby field. They had named her Heidi. I bottle fed her and added her into the four-legged McGeehan tribe. Pat was none to pleased.

When we left the rented yurt and moved to our purchased hale, we inherited one cat – Tutu, one dog, HeHe, and a gorgeous peacock named Mr. P. (Once again, very creative!)

Smoke in his glory

On May 1, 2018, we lost Smoke, just ten days shy of 36 years old. A few months later, Gerdie succumbed to a tumor in her chest. And poor Mr. P fell victim to the jaws of Wally. But, in time, we filled those enormous voids.

The mcgeehan menagerie

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“If it wasn’t for Jen, we wouldn’t be here on the Big Island now! She drove to multiple locations to do Facetime walk-throughs, connected with our loan officer through the USDA, and advocated for us in a timely and professional manner. Jen McGeehan stuck with us to the end!”

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I am an adventurer by heart, never letting too much dust settle under my feet. But, I am also a nester, a woman who loves her home, garden, animals, family, and whatever career I happen to be in. In my latest adventure, I’ve successfully merged over 46 years of varied work and life experience into a real estate career that focuses on the goals and dreams of my clients. Are you interested in moving to the Big Island of Hawaiʻi? I’d love to talk with you about your dream goal, and help you achieve it!

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