10 Steps – Moving to the Big Island During COVID-19

by | Aug 27, 2020

Enjoying time by one of our two ponds. This shot was taken for My Year In A Yurt.

Let’s assume you have been carrying around the “Plan” to make your move to paradise, ie: the Big Island of Hawaii, either visually with a Dream Board (see blog post – The Dream Board), or stacks of photos, Zillow listings and home ideas strewned all over your home (or in your head). You think you just have to wait it all out until COVID-19 is under control. Then, you will get on a plane and check out all those great listings!

News Flash: Many courageous men, women and children have already made the move regardless of COVID-19 shutdowns

You can do it too…and here’s how they did it with a little help from you-know-who.

Step 1: Decide you are going to do it…now!
Step 2: Call me. We will chat about your wants and your needs, various island temperatures, housing and raw land availability, the all important budget, etc.
Step 3: Put your place on the market, and be prepared because homes are selling like hotcakes right now.
Step 4: I will send you the most current and accurate MLS listings for your consideration. You will narrow the list down to three or four favorites.
Step 5: We will schedule virtual tour walk throughs. (If cell coverage is a no-go, I will send you extensive videos of each property.)
Step 6: Start packing and preparing for your move. Read my blog How To Move to Hawai’i.
Step 7: Once we find your new “forever home” I will walk you through the process of making a strong offer, acceptance and going into escrow, tying it all into the closing of your current property.
Step 8: Your possessions and car(s) go off to Matson. Got pets? They can come too. Read my blog How To Get Your Horse Or Livestock Safely To Hawaii.
Step 9: You get on the plane, then you get off the plane.
Step 10: Upon arrival, unless you are considered an “Essential Worker”, you stay put at your new residence for 14 days. (Unless the quarantine has been lifted.) Then, BOOM!, you made it!!! Now, enjoy your new life in one of the safest places on the planet.

NOTE: As of August 22, 2020, there were 21 active cases of COVID-19 on our island, and zero deaths.

P.S. Pat and I made the move successfully in Sept. 2011, minus COVID-19, with a 40’ Matson container of stuff AND one elderly horse and his pasture pal goat. If we did it, you can do it too! Feel free to call me to explore your options.

Aloha Nui Loa

What Clients Are Saying

“If it wasn’t for Jen, we wouldn’t be here on the Big Island now! She drove to multiple locations to do Facetime walk-throughs, connected with our loan officer through the USDA, and advocated for us in a timely and professional manner. Jen McGeehan stuck with us to the end!”

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