The Dream Board

by | Aug 27, 2020

Larry & Michelle Lytle’s Dream Board. Notice their fearless Realtor®’s photo tucked in near the lower right corner.

I’ve never made a Dream Board. But, in the past six months, I have had two clients who have.

What is a Dream Board?

If you are breathing, my bet is you have a dream in your mind and heart…ideas of how that dream should ultimately look when it finally comes to fruition, the compilation of various elements that ultimately culminate into a dream realized. Maybe you refer to it as your Bucket List. It could be an amazing European vacation, for example. In real estate, a Dream Board could include images of sunsets, trees, flowers, various home designs, color swatches, furniture ideas, clippings from magazines, brochures, post cards, photos from the internet, cut-outs of descriptive words, even your own personal drawings, and the kinds of animals you would have, to name just a few elements. The process allows you to take what is in your mind and heart and make something truly visible. What you may discover is an ebb and flow of what truly is important to you…and what is not!

Your Dream Board can be as simple as a blank wall in your home or office, designated to become a work of art. It can be a cork board with push pins, a wipe board with 2-sided tape, or even a beautiful frame that showcases your dreams.

Dream Boards help to clarify hopes and dreams for your future…

The first client that mentioned her Dream Board planned to include input from her hubby and two teen girls. Periodically, I called her to see how her Board was coming along. And eventually she called me asking to see an amazing 20-acre property that far exceeding her original dream of home ownership.
Just last week, four months after closing escrow on that wonderful property, she gave me the “tour”, beaming from ear to ear. That Dream Board was a valuable tool that helped her to clarify the entire family’s needs, wants, and most importantly, dreams for their feature home!

The second client who mentioned a Dream Board is still in the dreaming stages, not yet able to make the oceanic move due to the Pandemic. She and her hubby have so many dreams for their Hawaiian home, the next chapter of their lives, that her visuals encompass not one, not two, but three framed boards! One day I asked her to send me photos of her works of art. And, works of art they truly are. You can imagine my shock when she pointed out that my photo was on one of those boards! When I asked her why I was included, she said, “Because you are a part of making our dreams come true.” That totally warmed my heart.

The Pandemic will one day come to an end. Meanwhile, I dream of the moment I can hand this wonderful couple the keys to their new home, collectively celebrating yet another dream come true!

What Clients Are Saying

“Jen was very proactive in all aspects of selling our property and found contractors to keep the property looking good throughout the listing period. She also provided advice throughout the process and was very helpful in getting the transaction done at a distance (we were on the mainland throughout the process). Her knowledge of the Hamakua Coast was very helpful in helping prospective buyers understand the regulatory and practical issues associated with shoreline properties.”

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