Bummer Crop

by | Dec 28, 2021

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: Be careful what you ask for; you just may get it!

When hubby, Pat, and I were searching for our Hawaii dream home, prior to starting my career as a Realtor®, all I asked my heavenly Father for was one avocado and one orange tree. His answer was to give us a mature orchard boasting a wide variety of three dozen citrus trees and about 40 of the coveted Sharwell avocado trees! Ten years later, we are still astounded at the bounty these amazing trees produce. And, we love to share! So, Pat and I are in the habit of regularly picking a bin of whatever is ripe, and then placing it just outside our gate. Within a few days, the bin is empty, and we hope our neighbors enjoy our little “gifts”.

I love to read Reader’s Digest, finally ordering my own personal subscription a few years back. The excerp below cracked me up, and I hope you, too, will see the humor! Enjoy!

“My prolific garden produces an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and my neighbors look forward to my sharing the harvest with them. One vegetable is a hard sell: zucchini. There’s always a bumper crop of them. I have an idea: I fill a big box with zucchini and, for visibility, set the box on a chair by the side of the road. I prop a sign above the box that reads, “FREE!” Later, I check to see whether I need to refill the box. It sits on the ground, still full of zucchini. My chair, however, is gone.”

GA Neille Posey Hostvedt, Meridian, Idaho (Reader’s Digest April 2018)

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“Jen was very proactive in all aspects of selling our property and found contractors to keep the property looking good throughout the listing period. She also provided advice throughout the process and was very helpful in getting the transaction done at a distance (we were on the mainland throughout the process). Her knowledge of the Hamakua Coast was very helpful in helping prospective buyers understand the regulatory and practical issues associated with shoreline properties.”

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