Dome Homes Come to the Big Island!

by | May 18, 2022

This is Part 1 of a series that focuses on my efforts to promote and in many cases live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability! That seems to be the buzz word these days. But living a sustainable lifestyle takes courage, change, thought. It takes a willingness to think outside the box, to do things differently…whether something as simple as washing and re-using your Ziplock baggies, or finding new home technologies that leave a smaller footprint on the earth. Is the younger generation taking the challenge? I think, in a large part, the answer is yes. But, I have surpased the 60th year of life, and I am just now getting my mind wrapped around this vital concept, and making changes that ultimately make me feel better about the legacy I will leave to my children and grandchildren!

Will I get it 100% right? I seriously doubt it. But, if I can make changes that ultimately help myself, my loved ones, my community, my island, and my world, I think it will be well worth the sacrifice of convenience and effort. I hope you will agree. So, here goes…


Hubby, Pat, and I lived 14 months in a vintage yurt on the Hamakua Coast. It was our introduction to living with less, yet gaining much more. “More of what?”, you may ask? More saved $$$, more free time, just more! I definitely caught the Tiny House bug that was buzzing across the nation.

The concept resonated with me even though we eventually purchased and moved into a very vintage house-in-the-round located in the same community.

Now, as a Realtor®, I understand the desperate need for affordable housing on our island. I understand the amazing amount of waste that ocurrs when a typical home is built, the time it takes to get the job done, and the final price tag. Land is abundant on the Big Island. And yes, at the moment, it comes with a strong price tag…in most of our nine districts. But, here is one answer to the challenge: The Biotekt Dome Home! Can you come up with a 2,000 square foot home that allows you to grow a portion of your food on the exterior side walls and roof, that actually blends into the landscape, requires no A/C, made of materials that come from recycled plastic, and can last 300 years? What if I told you you could go from zero to move-in for $45,000 (a 16’ diameter studio model), or $200,000 (a 2,000 sq ft model), not including the land?

Biotekt Logo

Check it our yourself at Then, give me a call! I am the exclusive Realtor® for Biotekt USA on the Big Island. I will help you find the perfect property, or help you through the process of bringing a dome home to your existing property.

Next month…Part 2: Don’t keep buying those enormous jugs of
dish soap, hair care products, even toothpaste tubes…

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