Living the Country Life!

by | Feb 7, 2022

I know the country life isn’t for everyone…but it sure is for me. Whether heading out to show property to clients coming in from the mainland, or taking a quick trip to Honokaa to visit my favorite store – Gather Hawaii – I never know what I will discover just around the corner.

Once, it was a strange looking piece of farm equipment literally crawling down the road. As a California transplant, I could have laid on my horn in an attempt to get the thing moving faster than a snail. Yet, something told me to sit back and enjoy the ride. Hubby, Pat, later explained that it was a Pettybone Fork Lift. Heaven only knows why it was traveling down our country road!

Another day it was a trio of loose teenage steers out for a frolick. I knew they were not where they were suppose to be, so I snapped a photo and texted it to the rancher that leases almost 1,000 acres in the neighborhood. Sure enough, he texted back, “They’ve been missing since the fire last year!” You would have laughed to read my instructions on which direction they were headed.

Another time, I got caught behind a flock of wild turkeys. They refused to move to the side of the road. It was so funny I not only snapped a photo but took a quick video. (Sorry, but I just can’t find that photo! )

And then there was one of many times I have witnessed a sow attempting to move her wayward piglets from one side of the road to the other! Again, I had to sit back and let nature take its course. When you live in the country, life rolls along at its own pace. It’s best to sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

What Clients Are Saying

“Jen was very proactive in all aspects of selling our property and found contractors to keep the property looking good throughout the listing period. She also provided advice throughout the process and was very helpful in getting the transaction done at a distance (we were on the mainland throughout the process). Her knowledge of the Hamakua Coast was very helpful in helping prospective buyers understand the regulatory and practical issues associated with shoreline properties.”

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