A Pre-Sale Inspection Saves Sellers Time and Money

by | Oct 16, 2023

Even though it ‘s still a strong seller’s market, there are fewer buyers. In this market I have discovered that sellers who pop for a pre-sale inspection, and then take the necessary steps to correct major issues, ultimately save themselves the potential heartache of cancelled escrows. Whether you’ve done a meticulous job of maintaining your home, or never gave it a second thought, a pre-listing inspection is a wise investment. I know first hand because, in 2023, I have had one listing with three cancelled escrows, and a second listing with two cancelled escrows!

Here are my tried-and-true suggestions to minimize the heartache, and get to closing:

Better Marketing

Pre-sale inspections not only uncover property negatives, they also give sellers an opportunity to promote what’s great about their home. Making the results of a pre-sale inspection available to potential buyers helps to develop trust, and in many cases the buyer will not hire their own inspector, which shortens the J-1 General Inspection perior, moving sellers to the closing table faster!

Valuable Improvement Advice

A pre-sale inspection helps determine and prioritize which repairs, improvements and upgrades to complete before a listing goes active. Remember, buyers aren’t just looking for cosmetic upgrades. They also want to know that a home’s major systems are in good shape.

More Negotiating Power

A pre-sale general inspection identifies the issues sure to come up during the buyer’s inspection, allowing you to price your property accordingly. I always suggest that we have a price quote on hand for any major work needing to be done after close of escrow, helping to eleminate a potential buyer’s fear of the unknown, and overcalculation of repairs. And, if your inspection comes back clean, you have more leverage when negotiating with buyers!

Time Saved

Nothing is more disturbing than a cancelled escrow based on a general inspection! Basically, it’s back to square one; the property goes back on the market, and you continue showings and reviews of new offers. By providing a pre-sale inspection report from a reputable company, the information about your home has already been provided prior to your acceptance of an offer. You have minimized this cancellation of escrow option, even if the buyer chooses to get their own inspection once in escrow.

Oversee The Repairs

By completing any necessary repairs before listing, you have control over the contractor you use (and the budget), or you can even DIY the smaller projects.

Attract Serious Buyers

If a buyer is already informed about what’s in your pre-inspection and wants to move forward with the purchase, it’s a good sign that they’re a serious buyer.

THE BENEFITS OF A PRE-SALE INSPECTION definitely help to support an escrow that will close. And I have the resources to not only get the pre-sale inspection done, but also contractors who can provide price quotes and complete the job, if required. Remember the seller with the three cancelled escrows? He lived on the mainland, and his home needed a new roof. I was able to coordinate the job to a successful completion, which ended in a successfully closed sale! If necessary, I can do the same for you.

Receive Your Complimentary Pre-Listing Inspection – A $595.00 Value!

It is so simple…just mention this special incentive when listing your property with me! Listings must be for a standard 12-month period. I will provide you with three General Inspection contractors, and you choose the one that fits your criteria. It’s that simple!

What Clients Are Saying

“Jen was very proactive in all aspects of selling our property and found contractors to keep the property looking good throughout the listing period. She also provided advice throughout the process and was very helpful in getting the transaction done at a distance (we were on the mainland throughout the process). Her knowledge of the Hamakua Coast was very helpful in helping prospective buyers understand the regulatory and practical issues associated with shoreline properties.”

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