“Twofers”: How To Get A Great Realtor® When You Live In A Different State

by | Mar 11, 2021

Catherine and I have been close friends for over 30 years! If I told you the “how” and the “why” of our initial meeting you simply wouldn’t believe it. Really!!! It started in Orange County, CA. Then, when Pat and I moved to Big Bear, Catherine ended up buying a home in this same magical mountain community. After we moved to the Big Island, Catherine sold her home and moved back to Orange County to be near her elderly and ailing mom. Good girl!

Even though we have lived in separate states, actually an ocean apart, for the last 10 years, our friendship has stayed strong, she coming here for visits, and me squeezing in lunch and dinner dates when I come back to Southern CA for family visits. We’re still as thick as thieves!

Last year, Catherine started mentioning her desire to move out of California. But where should she go? This was the daunting question. She wanted to purchase her own home again utilizing her VA loan, in a small yet affordable state and community. We talked about Wyoming, Montana, Arizona. I told her that I could find her a qualified and experienced Realtor® in any state and area she was interested in. And, I did just that! When she looked in Wyoming, I connected her with a solid agent. Same thing when she thought Montana might be her new state…and Arizona too. She looked at dozens of homes, made a half dozen offers, even went into escrow. It all fell through. Then, when another dear friend, who had moved to Franklin, TN, sent me an article indicating that Franklin was one of the best places in the country to live, I mentioned it to Catherine. She did her research and decided she would give it a try. I did my own research, found her a qualified agent in that area, and the rest is history!

On February 26, 2021, Catherine pulled up to her new home, a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom on a full acre of land, did her final inspection, took the keys and moved in! She had driven four straight days and was exhausted but very excited. In her words, “This is the best place I have ever lived!” She is as happy as a clam. And, so am I! I plan to visit both friends in September! After all, I need to see, first hand, what all this effort produced.

PS – When I search out and ultimately refer a friend or client to an agent in another state or island, I monitor the purchase and escrow every step of the way. With Catherine’s escrow, I guided her through the process, read her documents, answered her questions, spoke with the referred agent and her broker-in-charge to insure that everything worked out in her behalf. This is a “Twofer”…two agents for the price of one! This is what a good Realtor® does! And this is how I handle all my referrals. Can I help you???

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