Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Planting With Purpose!

I remember driving by a neighbor’s home on our island and stopping dead in my tracks to admire a tree or a shrub, (not sure which it actually is) boasting gorgeous blossoms of rich lavender and white blending. It just seemed to call out my name. So, I took a photo with my iPhone and eventually discovered its name: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. It took a few calls, but I finally located two small plants at Paradise Plants in Hilo. Now, where to put them???

Hubby, Pat, had just relocated our back-up generator from a very inconvenient location down the slope from our home, and into its own custom shed positioned far enough from our front door to not be irritating when running. (Falling backwards down the slope in the dark during a rain storm seemed too big a price to pay to manually start the darn thing!) Pat did a great job on the shed, but I felt compelled to decorate, I mean, create a small garden that would partially hide it from my view out the windows of our master shower. So, I planted one of the newly purchased plants, hoping that it would be happy in the shade of our ohia’s.

The second fledgling was planted in the overly decorated area where my Palomino, Smoke, was buried. (Pat said we hadn’t gone to this much effort in memorializing the passing of our parents! But that is an entirely different blog post to tackle!)

I am happy to report that the little bush/tree planted in front of our generator shed has grown to a mature size, and flowered a number of times annually to my amazement, gratitude and joy! Those gorgeous blossoms still stop me dead in my tracks as I take a few minutes to appreciate what nature seems to be able to create with little to no help from me! And, as you can see, I simply had to embellish the garden with additional color, rocks, even a beautiful orchid my son gave me when he moved to the mainland.

Ahhh, the joys of getting your hands in the dirt, then trusting that your labors will produce beauty that lasts!

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