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by | Jul 3, 2020

I have juiced tons of citrus in my lifetime…oranges, tangerines, lemons and the bucket, basket or box full! When we lived in Big Bear, CA, I had a special arrangement with a small grocer to bring up a box of oranges from “down the hill” every two weeks. Why? Because I couldn’t get the quantity I needed, at a price I could afford to pay, from the two large grocery stores in town.

When we bought our forever home in Paauilo we were blessed with a mature orchard of citrus trees!

When we were dreaming of our move to Hawaii, my prayers always included having at least one orange tree. I just had to have the healthy, satisfying and fresh squeezed orange juice I had enjoyed all my life. When we moved into the yurt, the property boasted one orange tree. Sometimes we had oranges. Sometimes we didn’t! That was painful.

When we bought our forever home in Paauilo we were blessed with a mature orchard of citrus trees…everything but the grapefruit. So, it wasn’t long before I burnt out our basic juicer. I then went onto Amazon and bought another one. Within a year or so I burnt that one out too. Pat had suggested I get the heavy duty model, the one with the big arm you pull down. A friend of mine had one on her counter, even demonstrating how it worked. “Are you kidding me?” I thought to myself. That thing would never work for the amount of juicing I do.

Two Christmas’s ago, as I sat on our living room couch, Pat proudly produced a rather large, and interestingly wrapped box, saying Merry Christmas as he placed it on the ground next to me. Hmmm. I wondered what could be in there. I tore off the paper, opened the lid, peeked at the photo on the side of the manufacture’s box, noticing a photo with a very familiar handle on a juicer. I announced to Pat, in front of all our family, “I can’t have this type of juicer!” He said, “Keep opening…” I was frustrated at that moment, thinking he just didn’t listen to me. I reluctantly pulled it out, only to discover it had an electrical cord attached. OMG! “I can plug it in,” I squealed. And I have been happily juicing tons of citrus ever since.

The Breville electric juicer is the ticket if you want to amp up the amount of fresh squeezed citrus juice for you and your family. It’s usually available online for about $200.00. What a deal!

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